26 Aug 2012

Traveling Organization review

My holidays were great. It was sunny most of the time and everyone was in a good mood. Here is the view out of the window of our room in the hut:
Isn't this just wonderful? :-)

Here is a collage of 6 pictures I took in my holidays:

As you can see, it was a very relaxing holiday with a great landscape and a lot of nature - but not too far away from civilization. In the black forest there unfortunately is no space anymore where you don't have quick access to anything modern. I even had access to the internet there.

As I am currently improving my traveling organization, here a short review of what I traveled with as discussed here. Most of the things I took with me in my holidays have been used by me. However, as I was on a hut in the black forest, I have not used any makeup at all for several days. It was hot and we were hiking or lying in the sun and I just didn't feel like using makeup. A couple of times, especially in the evening, I wore an eye makeup consisting of both of my eye shadow sticks. My mascara and my eye liner as well as my lip sticks have not been used at all. The cream blush might have been used once or twice. Hence, I could have left my brushes and the eyeliner at home. But you never know what you will be doing when you are on a vacation and have to be prepared. And it was not much makeup that I traveled with anyway. Hence, I would not shrink the amount of makeup I took with me.

Bringing 2 books was great as I have read both of them. Also with the clothes, it was not too much. I have worn nearly everything I took with me. We were bathing in a sea (see it in the picture above) and I have worn my bikini and everything else as well. 

The only things I should not have brought with me:
  • bulky sports equipment like my yoga mat: I have not used my yoga mat at all and I should have known better and left it at home
  • too much work stuff: During my holidays I completely turned into a really great and soothing relax mode and have not been in the mood to work at all. Hence, I should not have brought that much work with me. A bit is always fine as one never knows how the holidays will turn out. As I had a lot of company (we were 8 persons alltogether), I should have known better that there wouldn't be plenty of opportunities to work, however.
  • the amount of sun products I took with me was too big as well. I was not able to use everything.

Things I should have brought with me: a warm jacket. It was very cold in the night and we were barbecueing outside in the evenings and I was freezing a lot (and got a cold :-/).

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