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23 May 2012

New in: Brushes

Since I've seen Estée from Essiebutton discussing her favourite brushes, I felt the desperate need to try the Sephora #45 brush and the Flat Top Kabuki Brush by Sonja Kashuk. I love flat top kabukis and when I read that they are for liquid/cream blushes I am an easy victim. So, I immediately ordered the Flat Top Kabuki Brush by Sonja Kashuk. With the #45, I was at first unsure because I already have a lot of brushes for foundation and don't use foundation that often. Most of the time, I don't apply foundation on the whole face anyway. I apply it on the nose and the chin and the forehead and a small brush sufices for blending out that little bit of foundation and the nose requires some detail work anyway. Hence, a small brush does best. But then the curiosity won - what if this brush was the perfect brush missing in my make up routine? What if this brush would revolutionize my complete make up routine? (Probably this is the typical kind of thought of a make up addict :-D)

Since I don't live anywhere near a Sephora store and have not found Sonja Kashuk anywhere near me either, I ordered both via Ebay. They arrived in no time and I am looking forward to experimenting with them.

This is how they looked upon arrival in their original packaging:


The heads of the brushes (first the Flat Top Kabuki by Sonja Kashuk and then the Sephora #45) before the first wash:

As soon as I have a strong opinion on how they perform, I will do a review. My very first impression, however, is that I have made really good purchases. They wash like a dream and I already tried them a little bit with different products. I think, I'll like those brushes. But let's see whether they indeed prove themselves over time.