10 Feb 2017

Some thoughts about a resurrection of this blog

I have thought about restarting this blog for a long time and just browsed through the content I posted in this blog. While I still agree with the title of the blog(isn't it the purpose of a good life to be both structured and colourful?), I have changed my focus during the last years and would not continue posting the same kind of content. While the final few posts are much more aligned to my current values, even with those I feel like I may probably not post them again. Not in the way I posted them at least.

So, what would I write about? What am I interested in and what is my life about these days?

Well, most of all I probably am eager about learning and self improvement. I read a lot non fiction books and recommend everyone to do so as well. I am interested in habits (habit creation, changing habits, overcoming bad habits, etc), productivity such as productivity systems or techniques and I am also interested anything related to mindset (build up a helpful and positive mindset, etc).

I may write about these things soon. Anyone still reading the blog and interested in such topics? :)

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