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28 Aug 2012

twist.bag August

My twist.bag August arrived one week ago on Tuesday the 21st of August. As I have been on holidays, I was not able to show you the content earlier. According to the web site, the parcel has been shipped on the 15th of August. Hence, it took the parcel 6 days to arrive this time.

Again, the products were in a small cotton bag with the word "twist." printed on it:

27 Jul 2012

twist.bag July

Since I wasn't that happy with my last Pink Box (see my Pink Box July post here) and wanted to try more organic products anyway, I subscribed with the twist.bag. The twist.bag is shipped from Switzerland and is available for 15 Swiss francs within Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Converted in Euro, there is nearly no difference to the Pink Box price. Note also, that it costs 15 Swiss francs independently from where you order - it can be either Switzerland or Austria or Germany.

I think that an organic beauty box is a great idea because I personally always prefer a good organic product over a non-organic one which is not better. Unfortunately, many organic products often aren't that good. It depends on the product category. Hence, I was really happy when I discovered the twist.b Bag as it is a great opportunity to try more organic products.

The twist bag is always shipped on the 15th of each month. In July, the 15th was a Sunday. Hence, I assume that it was shipped on Monday the 16th. As it was shipped from Switzerland, it took quite some time to arrive at my destination. More specifically, it arrived last Wednesday and hence, it took the parcel 1.5 weeks to arrive.

See the pictures and the products that came with my Twist Bag July below. This is what was contained in the parcel: A jute bag (with the products inside) and an orange letter.