3 Sep 2012


Dear readers,

I don't have that many of you but I appreciate each and every one of you and I am very glad that there are people out there that spend their precious time to stop by at my blog and read my posts about beauty, health and life. Thank you very much! I'm also very glad that my clumsy non-native speaker's english didn't chase you away yet. :-)

My thesis deadline is urging me to adjust my priorities in favour of my thesis. This is why I will stop blogging for now. However, these 4 months that I spent in the blogosphere with you were great months and blogging was a lot of fun and changed my life. I made a great friend overseas (many heartfelt greetings to Jessica from Getting Cheeky) and I really enjoyed being part of the blogging community a lot. Hence, there is no doubt that - sooner rather than later - I'll be back!

For now, however, I have to focus 100% on my thesis. I hope you can understand me and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting you all again when my thesis is delivered.

Thank you for your understanding and warm greetings to you all!


I might be late but I am madly in love

After my rather bad experience with pink coloured nail polishes like Karl says très chic by Catrice which looks terrible on me (I have given it away in July), I hesitated to buy another nail polish in pink. Especially an expensive one. However I felt magically attracted to Nars Trouville and was lurking about this nail polish for a couple of weeks now. I also love how it looks on Temptalia but I was afraid that it would not look as good on me. Unfortunately, we don't have any Nars here in Germany and therefore getting it would involve a blind order. But when I also saw it on Lily Pebbles in this video here (she wears the nail polish on her nails during the whole video and it looks very beautiful on her), I was not able to hold myself back anymore. I just had to have this nail polish. And I have to say: it was worth the risk. It's the loveliest and most adorable pinks I've ever seen. Have a look at it in the bottle:

2 Sep 2012

Depotting a MAC LE quad

This spring, I bought a MAC LE quad palette which I wanted to depot even before I had it in my hands. For me, the new quad palettes by MAC are too bulky and just not handy and manageable enough. The new design came out in 2010 (see a blog post comparing the new and the old design of the MAC quad palettes by MAC Karrie (in german)) - fortunately, the MAC 15 palette has remained unchanged. This is why I do use 4 of them (deconstructed) as shown in my first make up collection overview post.

Since I am lucky to own 3 MAC quad palettes of the old design (I wish I had bought more of them when they still were available ...) which I love for traveling, I am just boycotting the new design. For storing my eye shadows at home, I use 4 MAC 15 palettes which I have deconstructed in order to able to store eye shadows of different (see my make up collection post). For traveling my three 'old design' quads from MAC are more than enough - 12 well chosen eye shadows should be perfect for travelling. Below, you can see them with 4 MAC eye shadows (Shroom, Vanilla, Patina & Concrete)

The palette, I want to depot today is the Shop & Drop palette from the Shop, Shop, Shop, Cook, Cook, Cook collection (see the full LE at Temptalia). In LE quads, the eye shadows are glued into the palette and this makes the depotting pretty difficult. My first attempts to depot the eye shadows, were unsuccessfull. Heating the bottom of the palette did not help in softening the glue and I just did not find a way to get rid of this crappy packaging. 

1 Sep 2012

Beauty Empties August

Last month, I emptied or got rid of 35 products. However, it's a bit of cheating as 9 of the "products" were just samples and 3 of the products were makeup products that I have decluttered and not emptied (note that the lip stick is nearly empty, hence, I do count it as emptied ;-)). I also have not emptied but just decluttered 6 other products. But nevertheless, I do count them all as well. Having got rid of 35 products feels just too great! :-)

Here is a picture of all products I emptied/got rid of in August: