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20 Jan 2013

Beauty Favourites December

In December, I started to use a new face care. More specifically, I started to use the Caudalie Vinosource series: the S.O.S. thirst quenching serum and the moisture recovery cream. I love both, especially the serum because it is light. The face cream is rather for dry skin and as I somehow got some spots, I am wondering whether it is too rich for my skin in this warm winter. My eye care still consists of the same products like in November and I still do love the products a lot. Here is a picture of my skin care in December:

3 Dec 2012

Beauty Favourites November

In November, I had a lot of beauty favourites. My face care consisted of only great products. And after having used up all those unloved Bodyshop body butters, I started to treat myself with a great body butter by Soap & Glory and there were also a lot of other great products I enjoyed using in November. Have a look for yourself: 

Below, I briefly discuss the products shown above.

1 Nov 2012

Beauty Favourites October

In October I had a lot of fun with a couple of products and I'd like to share that with you. (I know, I should be working on my thesis and will do so immediately again. ;-)). 

I loved these cleaning and caring products in October:
These are in more detail:
  • Blütezeit organic almond showergel: It smells like camomile and I love this scent. It's relaxing and soothing and I enjoyed it very much to start it as I haven't used it up yet.  Besides this shower gel, I also loved the Alverde Lemon Love shower gel which I emptied and therefore discussed it already in my October empties post.
  • Apothekers Lippenbalsam: This is a new discovery. I bought it because it was mentioned by Paddy from Innen und Aussen as her favourite soothing lip balm for the night. It is a pharmacy product and it is really great. I am using it now each evening and my lips look great in the morning. I also like the taste and the scent of this product. It is on its way to becoming a holy grail product for me too.
  • Lush Therapy massage bar: I love it. It smells great and nurtures the skin. It has to melt when put on the skin and therefore you need a lot of time for applying it by slowly massaging it onto the skin. But actually, this also contributes to the joy of using this product. I.e. being forced to do it slowly can be fun, too. But I admit that I prefer to use it on the weekend because only then I have the time. ;-)
  • Alverde Apricot nail and cuticle balm: Smells lovely like apricots and nurtures the nails and the cuticles. This one is also on its way to becoming a holy grail product. However, I think that Alverde stopped selling this product. I have to check but last time I had a look at Alverde products at the DM, it was not available. So terrible. I can't understand how this could have happened. I hope that I am wrong and the product is still available. 

Concerning makeup products, I enjoyed using these products in October (sorry, the soap is not a makeup product of course. I don't know how it got into the picture below - it is a favorite though and maybe I added it to this picture because I also like to clean my brushes with it ;-)): 

See below a discussion of these products.

5 Aug 2012

Beauty Favourites July

Posts about monthly beauty favourites are quite common with beauty blogs. I haven't posted one myself yet because I don't see my blog that much as beauty blog although it somehow is because I blog a lot about beauty. It's a beloved hobby and I want to share my experiences with experimenting with beauty products. It's a lot of fun for me to experiment and I also want to share my fun with you. Hence, I thought about posting such a beauty favourites post as well.

However, I sometimes get into the "Using up mode" which drives me to use up stuff I dislike. I try to get rid of stuff when I see that I don't like it. And often throwing stuff away is only the very last option, hence, I turn this "Using up mode" on and just use up. Do you know this "Using up mode", too? Because of this mode, I often don't have that many beauty favourites in a month. And if I have, they don't change that fast. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you what I liked most using in July. Maybe, I'll do this regularly. Let's see. ;-)

Last month I didn't have that many great products for the body. The Dove Blütenzauber body lotion was great, however. But I just didn't use it that often because it wasn't so warm in July and in the end I've been every day at University and there I work in a room with air conditioning. Believe me or not, but because I am working so often on my thesis in this room with air conditioning, I haven't worn sandals at all yet this year. In this room it's just too cold for sandals and the Dove Blütenzauber body lotion. From the products I used up in July, I especially enjoyed the Weleda Sanddorn body lotion sample and the Alverde Lemon Love body lotion. Also the soap by Alverde was great. This was actually it with body products.

For my hair, the only noteworthy product is the hair oil by Fructis. I really enjoyed using it in July. Otherwise, I did not use any noteworthy products that might have any potential for becoming favourites.

In the following I show you my face product favourites of July:

24 Jul 2012

New in: Lex Tuileries & Essence 104

At first I have to say thanks a million (and many, many more times :-)) to Jessica from Getting Cheeky for helping me get this nail polish since it unfortunately is not available in Europe. It is from Lex Cosmetics and only sold and shipped within the US. I have stumbled upon this beautiful nail polish shade while browsing through Meg's blog lips so facto for the first time and it immediately caught my attention and I became obsessed with it. Now I am lucky to have it in my collection, too, and I just love it. Without doubt, it is truly special and probably even the most beautiful nail polish of my collection. Here it is on my nails (sorry about the skin around my nails being a bit dry and chapped):

2 Jul 2012

Summer body lotion recommendation

My body lotion recommendation for this summer is Blütenzauber by Dove. I bought this body lotion in June (note that although the Haul has been mentioned on my blog only end of June, I bought it in the middle of June and have experimented with it sporadically for about 2 weeks now) and I am using it currently all the time. Usually I don't like Dove as a company and try to rather buy organic body lotions but for this one I made an exception and I am happy that I did. 

It is a light body lotion that is quickly absorbed by the skin but still nurtures it properly. Dove calls this hydrating effect "Deep care complex" and it indeed provides some kind of deep care. For summer, this nurturing effect is about perfect. And there is no shimmer or colour whatsoever in this body lotion either. I don't like shimmery or coloured body lotions at all - in December last year I pushed myself to use up a really terrible shimmery body lotion by Dove; since then I forgo products by Dove and especially try to avoid shimmery body lotions in general.

The greatest thing about this body lotion, however, is that it is vitalizing and stimulating (in german it's called "belebend" as you can see on the back of the bottle). This enliving effect holds for at least half of the day, actually even more. The skin is cooled and the blood circulation is enhanced. This effect is not too strong, however, it's just perfect and it feels great in summer. On cold days or in offices with air condition I cannot recommend it since you are freezing more with it. This body lotion is a pure summer body lotion for warm weather and a warm environment - but for such kinds of environments it is really great!

Have a look at pictures of the product below. On the second picture you can also see the ingredients. Try it and tell me how you like it! :-)

Front of the Dove body lotion "Blütenzauber"

Back of the Dove "Blütenzauber" body lotion

21 Jun 2012

Anne Semonin @Radisson Blu

During my short trip, I also stayed a night with the Radisson Blu hotels. There you can find products from Anne Semonin in your bathroom. Have a look at the Anne Semonin products I found in my room during my Radisson Blu stay:

Normally, the beauty items that can be found in hotel rooms are not so special, but these ones are great. I am writing this post because I fell deeply in love with the body lotion. It's just perfect: the scent (lightly like verveine in a nice and subtle way), how fast it is absorbed by the skin, the application, ... everything. Because of this sample sized product at Radisson, I wanted to repurchase it and searched for an online shop but haven't found it unfortunately. :-( It seems that this specific body lotion can only be found at Radisson Blu hotels. 
On the website of Anne Semonin there is an online shop but only this product seems somewhat similar: botanical body milk. However, it seems that it does not smell like verveine. And it is also very expensive with 48 Euro for 200ml. Nevertheless, the sample at Radisson has conviced me to add the botanical body milk of Anne Semoning to my wish list for somewhen in the future when I have enough money such that I don't have second thoughts when paying 50 Euro for 200ml of body lotion. And in the meantime I hope to be able to stay with Radisson Blu again. ;-)

The shampoo has the same divine scent like the body lotion, but I find it to be very drying and hence wouldn't want to purchase it. I think I wouldn't take it home with me after a Radisson Blu hotel stay either. It's not a good shampoo for dry hair like mine.