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23 May 2012

New in: Brushes

Since I've seen Estée from Essiebutton discussing her favourite brushes, I felt the desperate need to try the Sephora #45 brush and the Flat Top Kabuki Brush by Sonja Kashuk. I love flat top kabukis and when I read that they are for liquid/cream blushes I am an easy victim. So, I immediately ordered the Flat Top Kabuki Brush by Sonja Kashuk. With the #45, I was at first unsure because I already have a lot of brushes for foundation and don't use foundation that often. Most of the time, I don't apply foundation on the whole face anyway. I apply it on the nose and the chin and the forehead and a small brush sufices for blending out that little bit of foundation and the nose requires some detail work anyway. Hence, a small brush does best. But then the curiosity won - what if this brush was the perfect brush missing in my make up routine? What if this brush would revolutionize my complete make up routine? (Probably this is the typical kind of thought of a make up addict :-D)

Since I don't live anywhere near a Sephora store and have not found Sonja Kashuk anywhere near me either, I ordered both via Ebay. They arrived in no time and I am looking forward to experimenting with them.

This is how they looked upon arrival in their original packaging:


The heads of the brushes (first the Flat Top Kabuki by Sonja Kashuk and then the Sephora #45) before the first wash:

As soon as I have a strong opinion on how they perform, I will do a review. My very first impression, however, is that I have made really good purchases. They wash like a dream and I already tried them a little bit with different products. I think, I'll like those brushes. But let's see whether they indeed prove themselves over time.

17 May 2012

My make up collection 2

This is the followup to my make up collection post. A lot of items were still missing; here they are: My palettes and undepotted eye shadows:
The MAC quad is from the Shop, Shop, Shop, Cook, Cook, Cook LE and I want to depot it as soon as possible since it is far too sturdy and I prefer to sort the shades according to their colours into my freestyle palettes and for travelling mix and match them in empty MAC quads with my other eye shadow shades. Otherwise, I just don't use the eye shadows at all.
The other palettes and the Nars eye shadows will remain as they are. I like the packaging and they are perfect for travelling as they are.

Here are my pigments: 
I don't find it convenient to use pigments as they are and therefore I prefer to press them into an empty eye shadow pan and put them into my depotted eye shadow pallets. You can find Crystal Orchid in my lilac and orange pallet (see the first make up collection post). This is the only pigment, I already managed to press. However, as soon as I find time, the others will follow. 

Here are my eyebrow products:

Here are my lip glosses (the 4 products on the left), my lip primers (the 2 products in the middle) and my lip liners (all colourless):

Here are my lip sticks:

The only things still missing now are my nail polishes. But I don't own very many of them and most of them are rather boring since they are for a french nail style anyway. If you want to see them, tell me. Otherwise, I prefer to not bothering you with them - at least not in this post. ;-)

11 May 2012

My make up collection

Recently, I have photgraphed my collection of make up items. It's pretty huge for someone who tries to live simple and minimalistically. However, it's still manageable and I cannot imagine to live with less. Have a seat ... and enjoy!

Let's start with the most important part of any make up collection: the brushes. I use brushes for nearly the whole make up application. Here are my eye make up brushes which I use regularly (I actually own even more of them but these are the ones I found most useful for my purposes). The ones on the right have obviously not been cleaned. Sorry about that! :-)

These are my current face make up brushes:

I have depotted most of my eye shadows in order to get a better overview of the colours, but also because I found their cases to be too bulky. Before that I needed much more space for storing them. Now I use 4 deconstructed slim MAC palettes (originally sized for 15 eye shadows):

Light colours:

Brownish colours:

Browns (those didn't fit anymore into the browns palette shown above), Greens, Yellow, Black and Greys:

Lilacs and Orange:

These are my eye primers which I have currently in use.

Cream eye shadows, i.e. paint pots and shadow sticks:

Eye liners:

Khol liners:


My complexion products (the two products on the left are highlighters, in the middle you can see a depotted compact powder, then 2 BB creams, then a loose mineral powder, the other products are a bronzer and 4 concealers):

Powder blushes (most of them are depotted):

Cream Blushes:

I didn't take pictures of my palettes and eye pigments (yes, I own even more eye shadows) and of my lip products. My eyebrow products are not included either. Maybe in another post. :-)