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26 Aug 2012

Traveling Organization review

My holidays were great. It was sunny most of the time and everyone was in a good mood. Here is the view out of the window of our room in the hut:
Isn't this just wonderful? :-)

Here is a collage of 6 pictures I took in my holidays:

As you can see, it was a very relaxing holiday with a great landscape and a lot of nature - but not too far away from civilization. In the black forest there unfortunately is no space anymore where you don't have quick access to anything modern. I even had access to the internet there.

15 Aug 2012

Travel organization revisited

I'm going on vacation. Yay! My boyfriend had to force me because I am a bit obsessed with my sports routine and my thesis at the moment. Believe it or not, we even had a bit of a fight when I told him that I didn't have time to take holidays. Well, he convinced me and now I am really glad that he was so persistent and forced happiness upon me. 

We'll spend 6 days in a hut in the black forest together with friends. Hence, we will have a lot of fun and a great time hiking, barbecuing, lying in the sun and relaxing. Have a look at what expects me (notice that I've found the picture on the web; this is not our precise destination - but in the black forest it looks like that just about everywhere :-)):
found @fewo-silvia
Currently, I am trying to improve my organization in general and this holds also for the organization of my traveling: this means that I am optimizing packing routines and joining similar things together in small bags in order to find them more quickly in the luggage - this holds also for my everyday small distance traveling to University and back. E.g. I pack my electronic stuff together in a small bag, my beauty stuff in another small bag, etc. In this way, I always just have to grab a few small bags and don't have to remember each item itself. I might show you some of my organizational improvements soon.

30 May 2012

Beauty items for my short trip

Last week. I was on a business trip for 2 days (including travelling, the trip took 4 days, i.e. I stayed for 3 nights alltogether). At first, I packed 3 small bags:
But unfortunately, I threw a lot of beauty stuff into my suitcase on the very last minute and used just a tiny amount of the huge amount of stuff I took with me ... But I'll tell you the details later ...

In the bags shown above are my
  • brushes (in the flat case on the right)
  • cleaning and medical items and even something for sports (a theraband) (in the middle)
  • makeup items (in the bag in the left)
  • skin care (in the bag in the left)
These are the make up items and the make up brushes, I packed at first:
  • Zoeva eye shadow base + the right green brush (Bdellium 778) for applying it
  • Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara + Zoeva brown liquid liner
  • NYX eye shadow palette: Besides being tiny and light-weighted, it is just perfect for the purpose of creating a nude eye make up and just helps giving the perfect amount definition. And you can even build it up for the evening. The eye shadow brushes are: MAC 239, MAC 217 and Zoeva Crease brush.
  • Nars Tinted pure radiant tinted moisturizer. I applied it with fingers.
  • Benefit Hervana Blush: the perfect nude blush for a fresh & clean look. The brush for this blush is the Ecotools blush brush.
  • Rival de Loop Aquapowder: it's not the best, but I am determined to use it up as soon as possible! The brush for applying it is the mineral powder brush by Bdellium Tools, i.e. the big green brush in the picture.
  • Sante lip stick and Elizbeth Arden 8 hour cream lip stick.

Here is an additional picture of the brushes and the case I used for the transportation. It is the Real Techniques case you get when you buy a brush set. I love this case and it is perfect for travelling with brushes.

Again a picture of the make up items plus a brush cleanser (the bottle with the pinkish fluid - this is the MAC brush cleanser I filled into another bottle), eye make up remover pads (refilled into the case of Kaufmann's Haut- und Kindercreme) and a small travelling package of face make up remover wipes by Cadeavera.
Above the brushes, a mirror can be seen. Left of the mirror a pair of tweezers can be seen, manicure stick, nail scissors, a nail file and 3 q-tips. Also a lip balm (Nonique Intensive Kiss) and a hand cream (Nuxe Reve de Miel) can be seen.
Furthermore, I took with me 3 small body lotion samples from Weleda (Citrus, Granatapfel and Sanddorn), a face cream for the day by Nonique, a face cream for the night by Nonique and an eye cream by Nonique. The two bottels above the eye cream and left from the bodylotions are refillable GoToob bottles by Humangear which I filled with shower gel (the big one in green) and with shampoo (the small one that looks orangy - this is not the bottle but the shampoo).
Left from the Humangear bottles, you can see my electric tooth brush, a mouth wash and a tooth paste.
Left from the mouth wash, you can see my medicine (Migrastick, tablettes against head ache and eye drops) and my dietary supplements (Magnesium, Vitamin C, Fish oil capsules, Chlorophyl tablettes). The lilac thing on the left upper part of the picture below is my theraband for a little bit of sports in hotel rooms.

See additional pictures of the packing process:
Skin care and make up have been packed into the first bag, the makeup brushes have been packed as well:
 The rest fits into the black bag:
Finished! Everything is packed.

But, as mentioned, I threw a lot of additional stuff in the very last minute into my suitcase and most of the stuff I took with me hasn't been used at all. I don't bother you with a picture of the huge amount of stuff, I threw into my suitcase in the very last minute.

I haven't used so many things because I was travelling by plane and on flights I don't use much makeup. On flights I prefer to rather moisturize my skin and not to additionally irritate it with makeup. I also prefer to not wear too much makeup when I am doing business. I'm afraid that people get distracted by the make up and don't notice anymore who I am or what I say. Nevertheless, I do know that I might be too careful concerning makeup. There shouldn't be any doubt that if I make a good impression on everything concerning business no one would ever notice the makeup - even if I use a lot of it. So, I guess, I basically don't like to put too much and too colourful make up on because I don't want to distract myself. ;-)

Here is, what I really used while travelling:
  • Shampoo & Shower Gel
  • Tooth paste, mouth wash and my tooth brush (I have forgotten to add them to the picture).  
  • My Theraband for Sports (I have forgotten to add it to the picture). 
  • Face Cleaning Wipes & Eye Makeup remover pads (note that the pads are in the little blue Kaufmann's Haut und Kinder-Creme container)
  • Eye cream and Face Cream for the Night (the one for the day did not provide enough moisture for my skin)
  • Caudalie Eau de Beauté (inspired by Lisa Eldridge - I like it a lot, it is really refreshing) 
  • Tangle Teezer as hair brush (in the picture with the makeup below)

And for Makeup, I just used:
  • Nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer, applied with fingers
  • Benefit Hervana as blush, applied with MAC 168
  • As lip care & lip stick: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream stick in Blush
  • Zoeva Eye shadow base, applied with Bdellium tools brush 778
  • Mascara MaxFactor 2000 Calorie
  • MAC Quad (which I threw into my suitcase in the very last minute) with 
    • Vanilla & Shroom as base colours (applied with MAC 239 brush)
    • Omega (applied with MAC 217) for the Crease and the outer V
    • Concrete as eye liner (applied with MAC 242)

I haven't used any bodylotion because I just didn't have time. Either I worked until late in the night or I joined socializing events with co-workers. I haven't used all brushes and I haven't used all my eye shadows. Also, I haven't used any powder and only one of the lipsticks I took with me. Next time I'll pack more wisely! For sure! ;-)

28 May 2012

Highlights of my last week

Last week, I have been travelling. It was a business trip and it was a lot of work, but also fun. :-) Have a look at the pictures.

During the flight:

Food during my trip:

Airport Shopping:

I am looking very much forward to testing the Hydraquench Cream by Clarins. I have bought the normal one for normal & dry skin and the rich one for very dry skin or cold climates.