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28 Aug 2012

twist.bag August

My twist.bag August arrived one week ago on Tuesday the 21st of August. As I have been on holidays, I was not able to show you the content earlier. According to the web site, the parcel has been shipped on the 15th of August. Hence, it took the parcel 6 days to arrive this time.

Again, the products were in a small cotton bag with the word "twist." printed on it:

27 Jul 2012

twist.bag July

Since I wasn't that happy with my last Pink Box (see my Pink Box July post here) and wanted to try more organic products anyway, I subscribed with the twist.bag. The twist.bag is shipped from Switzerland and is available for 15 Swiss francs within Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Converted in Euro, there is nearly no difference to the Pink Box price. Note also, that it costs 15 Swiss francs independently from where you order - it can be either Switzerland or Austria or Germany.

I think that an organic beauty box is a great idea because I personally always prefer a good organic product over a non-organic one which is not better. Unfortunately, many organic products often aren't that good. It depends on the product category. Hence, I was really happy when I discovered the twist.b Bag as it is a great opportunity to try more organic products.

The twist bag is always shipped on the 15th of each month. In July, the 15th was a Sunday. Hence, I assume that it was shipped on Monday the 16th. As it was shipped from Switzerland, it took quite some time to arrive at my destination. More specifically, it arrived last Wednesday and hence, it took the parcel 1.5 weeks to arrive.

See the pictures and the products that came with my Twist Bag July below. This is what was contained in the parcel: A jute bag (with the products inside) and an orange letter.

27 Jun 2012

Pink Box July

My Pink Box July arrived today and this is what was inside: Below you can see the pink box and the Brigitte Balance magazine.

Opening the box reveals a pink bow and the description of the content:

Advertisement and coupons that were shipped with the pink box: I really don't understand why the 20 Euro Coupon is also mentioned on the products list as shown below. It's just a coupon.

A group picture of all products and the magazine that were in my pink box:

The following products have been in my pink box (see a picture below):
  • an Astor mascara (Big and Beautiful False Lashes) together with an eye makeup remover sample by Astor. 
  • 2 lip balms by Labello in the pink box: Labello Repair & Beauty which seems to be a new one
  • a nail polish by Catherine (have look below at my swatch)
  • 2 hair products
    • Garnier Fructis Wunder-Öl 
    • C:EHKO Style jewel hair spray Diamond

A closer look to the description of the products:

Here is a swatch of the nail polish

My conclusion: I don't like my pink box this time at all. There is no product where I think: that's it and I am looking forward to trying it. In the June pink box it was the Bioturm body butter which I was looking forward to using. I already emptied it by the way. :-)
Only uninteresting products come with the pink box this time. The nail polish is a bit interesting though but I don't like the colour. I don't like red nail polishes and worst of all: I already bought 2 of them this month. If I knew that I'd get a third one I would not have bought them. I never use any hair spray and won't change that just because I got one with this Pink Box. The hair oil is interesting but I don't like the company Fructis and usually don't buy any products by them at all. Labello is also a company I usually avoid. I don't have any opinion about the mascara and the eye makeup remover. I guess I'll just try them but I have to admit that I am not that curious about them. The magazine is ok this time and I might even read it. But this is the single item of this box I am looking a little bit forward to.

I think I'll wait for the next pink box and if the next one won't convince me either, I'll end my subscription.

3 Jun 2012

Pink Box June

There are several beauty boxes available in Germany and for a very long time, I just registered that they are available but did not feel any need to try them. I don't like the idea to be surprised once a month with a couple of beauty products. I rather prefer to buy the stuff that interests me and try it in the order that I find convenient. Additionally, there are areas where I have already found holy grails I don't want to mess about with.

In Germany, there is the Glossybox, the Douglas Box of Beauty, the Pink Box and very recently also the german DM released a DM Box. I don't know whether there are more such boxes available in Germany. These are the ones, I came across before and especially after the DM Box was released since this was the time when an interest into these boxes aroused in me. When the DM box was released last month, I thought "so what?" at first. But then, when no DM box has been available anymore (apparently, they all sold out within 2.5 hours!), I regretted that I didn't register in time for one of them as well. I even have been so disappointed about not being able to try the DM box that I decided to give another box a try. So, I had a look at all the boxes mentioned above. The Douglas Box of Beauty is also limited to a certain amount of users and I was not able to get one. But I am not that interested in the Douglas Box anyway, so I was not too sad about not being able to try it. The boxes that are available for anyone at the moment are the Glossybox and the Pink Box. The Glossybox is not very appealing for me, however, because I have read that they recently increased the price of the monthly subscription and a lot of subscribers were not very happy with the content. So, I decided to give the Pink Box a try.

The Pink Box seems to be well known in Switzerland. In Germany, it is rather unknown and also has a rather limited amount of supporters. In Switzerland it is well established and has a lot of supporters, similarly to the Glossybox in Germany. Nevertheless, I liked it compared to the other boxes (I'd only prefer the DM box over it ;-)). It costs 12.95 Euro a month and subscribers praised the content since there often seem to be expensive full sized products in the pink box. Apparently, the competitors only provide small samples in their boxes and hence the content is not really worth the money paid.

The June box is my first Pink Box which I received yesterday:
As you can see, my box consists of a pink box, an antiperspirant by FA and a magazine. It might be the case that the antiperspirant and the magazine are one time additions for the very first box. I am not sure but I think that usually there are only 5 products in a pink box. The magazine and the antiperspirant have not been mentioned on the black flyer attached to the pink box either (see a large and readable picture of the flyer below). 

Opening the box reveals a cute inner packaging with a pink bow and black decoration:

Alltogether, my pink box of June consists of a magazine, 3 full-sized beauty products, 3 sample sized beauty products and 2 codes for reduced ordering of beauty products:
Full-sized beauty products (all three full-sized products might yield a price of around 12.95 Euro and this is the price of the box - so this is an acceptable deal):

On the flyer which was enclosed in the parcel, the content is nicely described:

In summary, I am satisfied with the content of my pink box and I still think that this box is the nicest one on the german market at the moment (except for the DM box of course :-)). Although I would never have bought stuff by Fa myself, I will try the shower gel and the antiperspirant and I am sure that I will also empty both bottles nonetheless. The full-sized body butter by Bioturm is a very nice surprise and I am looking forward to using it. The samples will be used, too - for sure. I don't read magazines for women, so the magazine is kind of waste. But I am collecting pictures for scrapbooking and decorating stuff - so maybe I can find some nice pictures in the magazine. So, altogether I am not unsatisfied with my pink box.

Since I am not the typical beauty box subscriber and still prefer to try stuff I choose and not stuff that someone else chooses for me, I am not sure whether I'll keep my subscription. Currently, however, I think, I am not yet done neither with the beauty box experiment in general nor with the pink box experiment and I am curious about the content of the July pink box. I also appreciate that there are full-sized products in the pink box and the box itself is really cute and can be used as a means for decorative storage. So, I'll keep the subscription for now at least. 
Isn't this a really cute box? :-)

By the way, here is an interesting video giving an overview of the DM Box and showing the very first DM box. I am indeed very jealous. :-/ But the Pink Box has comforted me well and has provided a kind of consolation! ;-)