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2 Jul 2012

Summer body lotion recommendation

My body lotion recommendation for this summer is Blütenzauber by Dove. I bought this body lotion in June (note that although the Haul has been mentioned on my blog only end of June, I bought it in the middle of June and have experimented with it sporadically for about 2 weeks now) and I am using it currently all the time. Usually I don't like Dove as a company and try to rather buy organic body lotions but for this one I made an exception and I am happy that I did. 

It is a light body lotion that is quickly absorbed by the skin but still nurtures it properly. Dove calls this hydrating effect "Deep care complex" and it indeed provides some kind of deep care. For summer, this nurturing effect is about perfect. And there is no shimmer or colour whatsoever in this body lotion either. I don't like shimmery or coloured body lotions at all - in December last year I pushed myself to use up a really terrible shimmery body lotion by Dove; since then I forgo products by Dove and especially try to avoid shimmery body lotions in general.

The greatest thing about this body lotion, however, is that it is vitalizing and stimulating (in german it's called "belebend" as you can see on the back of the bottle). This enliving effect holds for at least half of the day, actually even more. The skin is cooled and the blood circulation is enhanced. This effect is not too strong, however, it's just perfect and it feels great in summer. On cold days or in offices with air condition I cannot recommend it since you are freezing more with it. This body lotion is a pure summer body lotion for warm weather and a warm environment - but for such kinds of environments it is really great!

Have a look at pictures of the product below. On the second picture you can also see the ingredients. Try it and tell me how you like it! :-)

Front of the Dove body lotion "Blütenzauber"

Back of the Dove "Blütenzauber" body lotion