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3 Sep 2012

I might be late but I am madly in love

After my rather bad experience with pink coloured nail polishes like Karl says très chic by Catrice which looks terrible on me (I have given it away in July), I hesitated to buy another nail polish in pink. Especially an expensive one. However I felt magically attracted to Nars Trouville and was lurking about this nail polish for a couple of weeks now. I also love how it looks on Temptalia but I was afraid that it would not look as good on me. Unfortunately, we don't have any Nars here in Germany and therefore getting it would involve a blind order. But when I also saw it on Lily Pebbles in this video here (she wears the nail polish on her nails during the whole video and it looks very beautiful on her), I was not able to hold myself back anymore. I just had to have this nail polish. And I have to say: it was worth the risk. It's the loveliest and most adorable pinks I've ever seen. Have a look at it in the bottle:

19 Aug 2012

New in: Catrice Nail Polishes

Recently there was a Catrice Sale as the new collection came out. Here are my bargains (I got each nail polish for half of the regular price):

The four nail polishes I bought are:
  • 330 Absolutely Chinchilly (a muddy brownish taupe)
  • 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah! (a bright lilac)
  • 610 ASHley (a grey)
  • 210 Just Married (a nude french pink with blue shimmer)

24 Jul 2012

New in: Lex Tuileries & Essence 104

At first I have to say thanks a million (and many, many more times :-)) to Jessica from Getting Cheeky for helping me get this nail polish since it unfortunately is not available in Europe. It is from Lex Cosmetics and only sold and shipped within the US. I have stumbled upon this beautiful nail polish shade while browsing through Meg's blog lips so facto for the first time and it immediately caught my attention and I became obsessed with it. Now I am lucky to have it in my collection, too, and I just love it. Without doubt, it is truly special and probably even the most beautiful nail polish of my collection. Here it is on my nails (sorry about the skin around my nails being a bit dry and chapped):

17 Jul 2012

Nails (& Nail Polish Review)

Here is a picture of a recent state of my nails:

The products I used for my nails are the total repair base coat by P2, the "Karl says très chic" nail polish by Catrice and the Essie good to go top coat:

This nail polish is a bit of a disappointment for me. It just does not look as good on me as on other people's nails. Look here for example @InnenundAussen on Paddy. Maybe the skin around my nails tends to be a bit too red - much more than with other people. However, somehow I think that the difference between the colour of this nail polish and my skin colour around my nails is just too blurred. Hence, I am considering to give it away to someone who can wear this colour better than me.

Otherwise I am content with my first Catrice nail polish. With Essie good to go, it dries quickly. It's opaque with the first application and it stays on the nails for around 3 to 4 days before it's chipping. But the colour does not suit me. 

15 Jun 2012

Nails again

It's weekend again and this is my nail style for the weekend (sorry, my cuticles are a bit dry and the skin around my nails is chapped). I used P2 Total Repair as a base, then MAC Endless Night which has been a limited edition nail polish from the MAC for Daphne Guiness LE. On top, I used Essie Good to Go.

I tried the whole morning to take a good picture of Endless Night, however, I haven't been successful. So, please have a look at Coral and Mauve for much better pictures of this nail polish. It is not quite as boring as it looks on my picture! ;-) The pictures by Coral and Mauve were also the cause why I bought this nail polish in the first place.

I like this nail polish but since I seem to never catch the light like shown at Coral and Mauve, I have to admit that I am a little bit disappointed. Next, I want to try this nail polish on my feet and hope that I like it better there than on my hands.

20 May 2012


I have been invited to a birthday party later today, the weather is great and I am just in the mood to dress up and even paint my nails. I chose to paint them in my favourite french colour which is Allure by Essie. I love Allure - in my opinion, it is gives such a nice, sophisticated and elegant look. Kate Middleton even married with Allure - so, obviously, it is sophisticated enough for a royal wedding. ;-)

I used the following products: P2 Total Repair (the old version of 2011 - recently they changed the formula, but I love the old one and even have a backup) as a base, then Essie Allure and afterwards Essie Good To Go as top coat. 

I hope, they stay as they are for the whole next week. Since I am working at the computer a lot and see my hands all the time while typing on the keyboard, I especially enjoy to see them well-manicured.