1 Sep 2012

Beauty Empties August

Last month, I emptied or got rid of 35 products. However, it's a bit of cheating as 9 of the "products" were just samples and 3 of the products were makeup products that I have decluttered and not emptied (note that the lip stick is nearly empty, hence, I do count it as emptied ;-)). I also have not emptied but just decluttered 6 other products. But nevertheless, I do count them all as well. Having got rid of 35 products feels just too great! :-)

Here is a picture of all products I emptied/got rid of in August:

A short walk trough my emptied products and my thoughts them:
  • Shower Gels
    • Balea Young Funky Jungle: I didn't like this shower gel at all because I didn't like the scent. All shower gels do their jobs and for me the most important thing with shower gels is the scent. Hence, I won't repurchase it.
    • Balea Asien Dusche (Bambus & Lotus Extrakt): This shower gel was kind of terrible too. Actually, it was even worse than the other shower gel I used up last month. The scent was really awful. It was a limited edition and is not available anymore. But even if it was, I wouldn't repurchase it. I am really glad that it's gone.
  • Body Lotions
    • Alverde Ultra Sensitiv Körperlotion: This body lotion is a body lotion for very sensitive skin. It is said that it does not contain any colouring agent. Furthermore, it does not contain perfume and preservatives. However, it just has a really terrible scent. It smells like very strong alcohol. It's really disgusting. I don't like the scent of strong alcohol. Although the smell disappears quickly and after around 3 to 5 minutes it's gone, I feel really feel irritated and annoyed by the scent. In principle, the body lotion is also very nurturing and hence a good body lotion. It feels good on the skin but not properly absorbed like with other (better) body lotions. However, I won't repurchase it because of the scent. For me a applying a body lotion is a kind of treat and the scent is important and this scent is just too awful for me.
    • Balea Bodylotion Cocos & Tiareblüten: This body lotion has also a rather difficult scent. It has a strong artificial coconut scent and this is too much for me. Otherwise, this body lotion is kind of okayish. It is rather light, but not too light and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. However, due to the scent, I won't repurchase it either.
    • Dove Blütenzauber body lotion: I already wrote a post about this body lotion in July where I highly recommended it. Finally, I have used it up. Usually, when I don't use up things quickly, it is a good sign. I hurry up with using up products when I don't like them. This body lotion I liked a lot. The only problem is that it is cooling the skin and I was freezing with it in the office at University that has air condition. I used it up in my spare time when I didn't go to the office. I enjoyed it a lot, but I won't repurchase it because I don't have many opportunities to wear it as I am often in an office with air conditioning and soon autumn and winter are coming and then it's too cold for a cooling body lotion anyway.
  • Hair Care Products
    • Elvital Nutrigloss Crystal Shampoo: I got 3 such samples in my Pink Box August and only used up one of it during my holidays. I cannot say too much about this shampoo. It says that it includes microcrystals that it lets the hair shine more. I haven't observed more shine but I also had dyed my hair just before my holidays and therefore my hair had a lot of shine from the dye. It was a nice hair shampoo though and being a sample it was great for my holidays. Maybe I can tell you more about it when I have used up the other 2 samples of it. 
    • Alverde Feuchtigkeits Haarkur Aloe Vera Hibiskus: this is a very nice conditioner by Alverde. I like it and repurchase it regularly. I already used one up last June.
    • Alverde Haaröl Mandel Argan: This is a hair oil by Alverde. It has a light citrus scent which is really lovely. It's not a bad product, but I prefer my hair oil by Fructis (see also my hair oil post from beginning of August). Nevertheless, I might repurchase it one day.
    • Balea Jeden Tag Shampoo Himbeeren: This is a terrible shampoo. It dries the hair and I didn't like it at all. Its scent is very nice but it was not good for my hair. Therefore, I won't repurchase it. 
  • Face Care Products
    • Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Sample (10ml): this face cream has been bought by me only recently (see the haul post and a small review here). It is a very light face cream and I used it as a night cream together with my Clarins Hydraquench cream for the day. For me it was too light, however, as it did not provide enough moisture for my skin - and I even complemented it with a really good face cream during the day. Hence, I won't repurchase it.
    • Weleda Wildrose Smoothing Eye cream: I have already mentioned it as one of my favourite eye creams ever in my beauty empties of May. I love this eye cream and have just repurchased my 7th tube. I just like to have one these eye creams around as it never disappoints me. In winter it is also great as an eye cream for the day. During the night I like to use a more nurturing eye cream in winter.
    • Lavera Lips Classic + Avocado: This is a lip balm that I didn't like. It is a rather solid, non-creamy lip balm and I don't like such kinds of lip balms that much. For me, a lip balm has to be creamy. This gives me even more the feeling that it is nurturing. But this lip balm is also not as nurturing as some of my other lip balms. Note that I have not emptied this lip balm but as it also went bad in July, I had to toss it. 
    • 2 samples of Lavera Faces Calendula Organic Mattifying Balancing Cream: These were  face cream samples that were included in my twist.bag July. Although I took a picture of only one of the samples, I used up both and hence also count both. Sorry if this is a bit confusing. My review of this face cream: I love it. Although it is very light and completely non-greasy, it also belongs to that kinds of wonderful face creams that strengthen the skin from within. I don't know whether you know what I mean but there are face creams that you put on your face and then you just shine a bit and the skin hasn't changed at all. E.g. the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Cream (see it mentioned above in this post) has such an effect on my skin. But the Lavera Calendula Mattifying Balancing Cream is different. It strengthens the skin from deep within. I don't know how it does it, maybe it puts so much moisture into the skin that it is prepped and appears strong and resistant. I don't know. The scent is fruity and reminds me of seabuckthorn and it's not that bad. But I don't like the scent that much because it is very strong. For me it is just a bit too strong. That's all. But I am fine with the scent as it is a really great face cream. I have already repurchased it as shown in my latest haul
    • Dadosens Regeneration E face cream day, sample: this is a good and nurturing face cream for the day, however, the sample was very tiny and as I got a skin eruption from the Ectoin Anti Aging Fluid which I used end of last year, I am especially careful with the brand Dadosens. This is why I won't repurchase this face cream although I liked it. The sample was just too small and I don't want to risk to buy the full size which also is pretty expensive (around 30 Euro) and then not to be able to use it because of skin eruption.
    • Dadosens Regeneration E face cream night, sample: much like the day cream, this is a good and nurturing face cream for the night. However, as discussed with the day cream: I got skin eruption by another product by Dadosens and hence, won't repurchase this face cream as it is expensive and I don't want to risk skin eruption again. 
  • Face Cleaning Products:
    • Ebelin Cotton Pads: There is nothing to be said about these cotton pads. They are just normal cotton pads. Very useful and nothing made them outstanding other cotton pads. 
    • Terra Naturi Almond and Aloe Vera Toner: The scent of this toner was nice, however, I had the impression that it was a bit drying. Nevertheless, I liked it mainly because of it scent. I might repurchase it some day.
    • Rival de Loop eye make up remover pads: These are oily eye makeup remover pads. I like them: they are very effective and efficient in doing their job. Although I am currently interested in trying liquid eye makeup removers and micellair cleansers, I might repurchase them. For traveling, such kinds of eye makeup remover pads are very convenient.
    • Rival de Loop Hydro face makeup remover wipes: These face makeup remover wipes are not bad. They are not so drying like the Alverde ones (see them in my July empties). I might repurchase them. I am not sure however whether these were a limited edition. 
  • Foot Care Products:
    • Balea Silky Barfuß Seidenspray: this is a foot spray that says to enhance the skin and dry it and protect from dermabrasions and blisters. I have not observed a specific effect. It keeps the skin dry but this does not protect from dermabrasions and blisters. At least this holds for me. Hence, I won't repurchase it.
    • Essence Show your feet foot & leg cooling spray: this is a cooling spray for the legs. It is very old and I don't know whether it is still available. I didn't like it. It cooled a bit but only a bit and think that I don't need such kinds of foot sprays. I won't repurchase it in case it is still available. And I also won't buy any other product like this.
    • Balea Urea foot cream: this is a really great foot cream. It is not very greasy but very nurturing. There are more nurturing foot creams but this one is enough for me and very convenient because it is not so greasy like other foot creams that are nurturing. It smells great and is very cheap. The ingredients are not that bad either. I will repurchase it.
  • Antiperspirants
    • 4 Samples of Ever Dry products (feet, hands and 2 times body): I got these with my Pink Box August and didn't want to use them because I don't have any problem with over transpiration. Hence, I just toss them untried.
    • Fa Sport deodorant: I don't like this deodorant. It came with my pink Box June. Unfortunately, it always leaves white marks everywhere it is used (on the skin, on the fabric, everywhere). It also does not have a strong effect. It says it would protect from sweat and sweaty smellings for 72 hours but this is not true. It doesn't protect even for half of a day! I haven't emptied it because I just wanted to get rid of it! Of course, I won't repurchase it! 
  • Makeup Products
    • P2 Color Victim Nail Polish in 501 freeze: Again, I have not emptied this nail polish but decluttered because I don't like the colour. It is a metallic bright silver that - to me at least - looks a bit cheap and I don't like to wear it anyway. Hence, it is better to get rid of it. 
    • MAC nail polish in Endless Night: I have worn this nail polish in this post here. As you can see there, the colour does not suit me that well. This is very strange because I have another nail polish that is just a tiny nuance less redish and this suits me perfectly (it is shown here and it is from Essence and it's name is "Ice Age Reloaded" (it is from a limited edition in January). As you can see on the pictures, Ice Age Reloaded fits much better to my skin colour. As I also find  the MAC nail polish in Endless Night a bit boring, I want to get rid of it as I won't wear it anymore anyway.
    • Catrice Gel Eyeliner in 040 Sherlock & Khaki Holmes: the colour of this gel eyeliner is great. But it is not well covering and I also don't like the consistency. Hence, I tossed it.
    • Alverde Eye Shadow: I have mentioned this eye shadow in my Beauty Favourites of July and also in my used up makeup post recently. I liked this eye shadow although I have better ones. As explained in the above linked posts, it has grown on me. However, as it is not availabe anymore, I cannot repurchase it And actually, this is a good thing because I'd see myself already how I repurchased this eye shadow although it is not that great. There are really much better ones. E.g. the one I am currently using is much better! You can see the one that I am currently using in my September goals post as this eye shadow belongs to my allowed eye shadows for September.
    • Alverde lip stick: I tried very hard with this lip stick because it is one of the few lip sticks from cheap organinc brands that are nurturing. This one was very nurturing but the colour is terrible. It is metallic and I don't like that. I bought this lip stick in July (see the drugstore haul discussing in July) and used it until end of August. I used 2/3 of it up but then I just didn't want to see it anymore. It belonged to a limited edition that is not available anymore but even if it was, I wouldn't repurchase it.
    • Alverde khol liner in brown: I have mentioned this khol liner in my used up makeup post recently already. It's gone. I might repurchase it because it is organic and I like organic makeup. But it is a rather weak khol liner that is not very covering (the ones by MAC and Urban Decay are much stronger) and disappears quickly, even with a good eye shadow base.

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