28 Aug 2012

Lavera Haul

This month was very expensive. I have bought a lot of beauty items and as if I didn't have enough body lotions, I also bought two more of them (actually, I could really roll myself from one side to the other in my body lotions - this is how many of them I already have at home).

I have done a small Lavera haul (see also their uk web site). Lavera is a german brand selling organic beauty products. I like the company a lot and have tried different products already. I don't remember any product by Lavera that I didn't like at all. E.g. I adore the wild rose face cream (see also my review of it in my May empties where I was raving about it) and I also liked the Apricot Summer body lotion (see my review of it in my July empties - it seems to not be sold anymore; maybe the scent was disturbing others as well; however, despite the scent this body lotion was great!).

Ok, let's have a look at my new Lavera products:
There was no way for me to not repurchase the mattifying balancing cream that I was introduced to via my twist.bag July. As you'll read in my August empties post, it is a really great face cream for normal skin (and maybe also for combination skin like it says it is - I do not have combination skin and cannot judge how well it is suited for combination skin. Just try it! ;-))

Although the scent was a bit disturbing, I really liked the Apricot Summer bodylotion I emptied in July and this is why I bought these two body lotions from Lavera. The first sniffings in the shop revealed really nice scents. I hope I won't be disappointed while using them.
I bought the Honey Moments body lotion:

And I also bought the Orange Feeling body lotion:

As you can see, Lavera recently changed their design. The Honey Moments body lotion has the old design (and this is why I got it for 50% less of its usual price) and the Orange Feeling body lotion has the new design.

Lavera body lotions consist of 150ml of product which is not much for one tube and here in Germany, they cost 6 Euro which is quite an amount of money. Sometimes, there are sales promotions in online pharmacies and I have bought most of the Lavera body lotions I ever bought in such sales promotions. Nevertheless, I think that the body lotions each are worth their 6 Euro that they cost in case you don't get a sales promotion. They really are that good!

As I have a ton of other body lotions and some of them are really bothering me (and hence need to be used up asap), I doubt that I will use these two new body lotions that soon. I'll keep you updated on how I like them as soon as I try them. But I expect them to be really great and am looking forward to the wonderful wellness experience I'm sure that I'll have while using them. :-)

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