20 Aug 2012

Seize every advantage

I'm a bit obsessed with women's soccer at the moment - well, actually since last year when the women's soccer world championship took place in Germany. The games were shown on german TV like men's soccer usually does and the men I know that usually watch men's soccer watched them too. I got hooked as well and in the end I had to watch every game. I especially fell in love with the american team as the members of the american team performed much better and some also looked much better than the members of the german team. ;-) (Isn't Hope Solo a really good looking woman? See her e.g. here, here, here, here and here (there she is the third person from the left))

I love how strong and tough these women are. There actually is no real difference between them and men who play soccer. The bodies also look very similar due to the same kind of training. This is proof of what women are capable if they want to. They can be as tough as men.

Although it is not considered beautiful when women do not have fragile bodies, I'd prefer such a body over different kinds of unhealthy anorexic bodies that women often try to press themselves into. I also think that it is very sad when women take to an unhealthy posture (e.g. hollow back) just because it looks more feminine to be curvy, unstable and weak. A couple of years ago I also had such a body and was happy with it. Now I prefer muscles and for me strong is the new beautiful. I love strong women that are competitive. They are a great source of inspiration, motivation and great role models for a stronger and more capable womenkind!

What do you think about women's soccer and the bodies of strong and well-trained athletic women?

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