3 Nov 2012

New Alverde Limited Edition Sets

Today I have been in the city center and discovered two new limited edition sets by Alverde. Each set consist of a shower gel and a body lotion. As I have made only good experiences with such kinds of Alverde limited edition sets, I wasn't able to hold myself back and bought them both. The sets don't cost that much. Each was available for only 4 Euro.

Here is a picture of my DM haul. I also bought winter chocolate by Alnatura which currently is my favourite choclate. Actually, this is exactly why I went to DM in the first place. :-)
(The magazine was available for free ;-))

One of the two new limited edition sets is the Beerentraum (berry dream) set:

The Beerentraum (berry dream) set unpacked:

The other limited edition set is the Kardamon Vanille set:

The Kardamon Vanille set unpacked (sorry the part showing the back of the products is a bit blurred):

And here a picture of the winter chocolate - I highly recommend to try it. It is a very tasty winter spice flavoured chocolate.

Have you already seen and tried the above mentioned products?

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