12 Nov 2012

Bodylotion love/Bodylotion Liebe (Tag)

Chrissi from forever in love with shopping has started a tag with questions around body lotion which I find quite interesting. I have a ton of body lotions and actually wanted to do an inventory anyway. Hence, this tag comes just at the right time and this is what today's post will be about: my body care products and Chrissi's tag on that topic.

Because of the huge amount of body lotions, I started to take care to not buy too many further items in general. But unfortunately, I get weak from time to time just like recently when I stumbled upon two new limited editions by Alverde. I try to use up my stuff but I guess that it will take me forever to use everything up and I won't be able to stay strong until the whole amount of bodylotions that I own is gone. After all, I love body lotions. Nevertheless, I think an inventory and a plan for using up all those products can help me to get rid of them. One day, I want to have only such a small amount of products that I can use up within one or at most two months. 

Have a look at my current collection of body lotions/body butters/body oils/body care products (the two pictures show the same collection from two perspectives):

Here are my answers to Chrissi's questions:  

1. How many body lotions & similar items do you own?  
(Wie viele Bodylotion & Co habt ihr?)

I just counted them and I am really embarrassed to admit that I own 45 items of body lotion, body butter, body oil and other kinds of body care products. Of these are: 3 body oils (2 full-size, 1 sample), 28 body lotions (18 full-size and 10 samples), 11 body butters (6 full-size, 5 samples), 3 multi-purpose creams (1 full-size, 2 samples). So, in this huge mess of body care products, I might even be a bit lucky that only 27 of these products are full-size and the remaining 18 are samples. ;-)

In summary, I have to keep up using that stuff in the pace that I currently already have when using up my beauty products. In the last 6 months (in May I started this blog and my first beauty empties post dates back to May/June this year), I was able to empty 32 items of  body care products (17 full-size, 15 samples) - have a look at my empties posts. So, for the amount of products shown above, I'll probably need around 9 to 10 months to use it up (note however, that I might be able to use more body care products during the winter - I really hope to be able to use more body care products in the next 6 months than I was able to use in the last 6 months).

2. What kind of body lotions and similar items do you own?  
(Was für Bodylotions & Co habt ihr?)

I discuss them below in detail. Treat yourself with a cup of tea and make sure you have enough time because it will take quite some of it to go through my whole collection of body care products. ;-)

3. How much money would you spend on a body lotion?
(Wie viel Geld würdet ihr für eine Bodylotion ausgeben?)

I don't know actually. I like to treat myself with a great product and as long I see it as kind of an exceptional purchase meant to be a special treat, I think I would pay up to 30 Euro for a body care product. In general, however, I try to not spend too much money on body care products and when it comes to body care products, there are also rather cheap organic drugstore brands like Alverde and Alterra among my favourite body care product brands. But when I really adore a body lotion, I think, I'd pay up to 15 Euro on a regular basis (per month - i.e. I currently use 2 per month and hence would pay at most 15/2 Euro per body lotion) - depending on my salary of course. But even with a huge salary, I wouldn't pay more than 15 Euro for body care products a month - of course except for a few exceptional occasions when I really want to treat myself. And as I also like Alverde and Alterra very much, I'd always use at least one of these in between (or if my salary is rather low even a lot of them) and save money and would never have the feeling that I am denying myself good bodylotions. 

As you can see below in my collection (and also in my empties posts), usually, my body lotions are not that expensive anyway. Currently I use up The Body Shop products which are a bit more expensive (a full-size body butter of The Body Shop costs 18 Euro which is quite a lot, actually) but I got them all reduced (and haven't paid the full price for any of them) and I have to say that I don't like them that much that I'd repurchase them soon again. And I'd never repurchase them for the full price. Most of them are even among the products I like least - so I am not impressed by them at all and the high price doesn't make them more appealing either.

But the Lavera body lotions are among my favourite ones and they cost 6 Euro for one full-size product which only contains 150 ml of product. These are an exception and they are completely worth the money. Hence, I am indeed considering to buy them on a regular basis because I really adore them. So, if I'd use up 2 of them a month, I'd have to pay 12 Euro a month and this would be something I'd absolutely be considering to do.

4. Do you manage to use everything up or do you throw away some body lotions? 
(Schaft ihr es alles aufzubrauchen oder werft ihr einige Sachen angebrochen weg?)

Usually, I use up everything when it is usable. Last year when I started using up my stash, I had to throw away a couple of really old bodylotions that weren't good anymore. But everything that is usable, is used up by me because I don't like to throw a body lotion away (actually, I don't like to throw anything away without at least trying to use it (up) ;-)). As you can see in my empties posts, I am using a lot of body lotion each month. This is mainly because I have a ton of it and don't want to throw it away. ;-)

But I have to admit, that currently, I am considering to throw away a body butter by Bodyhop. I hate, hate, hate, hate this Bodyshop Body butter. It is the Vineyard Peach Body Butter and I don't like the scent at all. So - this might be my first body lotion that is still usable but not used up by me (actually it would be the second body lotion I throw away, the first one was a shimmery body lotion by Dove which I hated due to the shimmer and threw away last December after emptying half of it). Let's see. At the moment, I am still trying to force myself through it. ;-)

5. Do you use body lotion daily or not that regularly? 
(Benutzt ihr täglich oder eher unregelmäßig Bodylotion?)

I usually use it daily. But when I use very greasy and nurturing body lotions (for example some of my Bodyshop body butters are very nurturing and greasy), I sometimes take a break from using body lotion/body butter for one day in order to not over-nurture my skin..  

6. Do you buy body lotions and body butters regularly or do you not buy limited editions? 
(Kauft ihr regelmäßig Lotion oder Bodybutter oder lassen euch LE's kalt?)

As said: I don't intend to buy a single body lotion and body butter until I managed to use up the ones I already have. But I might get weak as I sometimes cannot help myself when I see a really interesting product, unfortunately. This happened recently with the Alverde limited edition sets, I showed you in this post. Fortunately, Alverde is my main and maybe even only source of weakness when it comes to body care products. Other companies are not that interesting for me. (I have contemplated a bit about it and no, that's not true, I just got over the urge to place an order with L'Occitane and when I think about it, there are a lot of sources of weaknesses, but I stumble over Alverde more often because I see all the time in my favourite drug store DM ;-)) My experience with Alverde limited editions is very good and this is why I get weak far too often when I see a limited edition body lotion by Alverde. 

Ok, now that the questions have been answered, let's have a look at my product stash: I jump right to the body lotions (I go through the products always from left to right ;-)): 
The picture above shows my organic drug store body lotions:
  • Alverde Körpercreme Mandel Teerose (body cream almond and tea rose for very dry skin)
  • Alverde Körperlotion Beerentraum (body lotion berry dream for any kind of skin)
  • Alverde Körperlotion Pistazie (body lotion pistachio)
  • Alverde Körperlotion Kardamom Vanille (body lotion cardamom vanilla for any kind of skin)
  • Alverde Körpermilch Weisser Tee Jasmin (body milk white tea jasmin for dry skin)
  • Blütezeit Bio-Mandel-Bodylotion (body lotion organic almond)

The following pictures shows even more organic body lotions:
  • Burt's Bees Aloe & Buttermilk Body lotion
  • Lavera Honey Moments Body lotion
  • Lavera Lavender Secrets Body lotion
  • Lavera Orange Feeling Body lotion
  • Weleda Calendula Body milk (for babies and children)
  • Terra Naturi Body milk wild rose & almond

The following picture still shows body lotions - the three shown on the right are organic:
  • Hipp Body Milk for babies 
  • Nivea Soft Milk
  • Nuxe Reve de Miel body milk
  • Nonique Paradise Punch Body Balm
  • Nonique Extreme Energy Body Fluid
  • Nonique intensive moisture body lotion

The following picture is the last picture showing body lotions. It shows my body lotion samples:
  • Weleda wild rose body lotion sample (20ml sample - I already used one of these up in May)
  • Weleda seabuckthorn body lotion sample (20ml sample - I already used one of these up in July)
  • Guerlain La petite Robe Noire body lotion (30ml sample)
  • 2 samples of Dr. Hauschka citron body milk
  • Kalahari Body & Hand lotion sample
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina body lotion (30ml sample)
  • Caudalie Nourishing body lotion (30ml sample)
  • Melvita Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk Rose (30ml sample)
  • Biotherm Eau d'Energie body milk (75ml sample)

The picture below shows my drug store body butters:
  •  Balea Zuckerschnute Body cream
  • Alverde Body Butter Blood Orange and Elderflower (50ml sample)
  • Alverde Body Butter Vanilla and Mandarin 
  • Alverde Body Butter Macadamia Nut (50ml sample)
  • Alverde Mamaglück Body Butter Mallow (for moms)

Here is the second part of my body butter collection:
  • The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter
  • The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter (50ml sample)
  • The Body Shop Olive Body Butter (50ml sample)
  • The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter (50ml sample)
  • Lush Therapy Massage Bar (part of it is already used and it is among my favorites of October and this is why I won't hurry up with using it up ;-))
  • Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter

I continue with my multi-purpose creams:
  • Kaufmanns Haut- und Kindercreme (75ml)
  • Dove rich nourishment cream sample
  • Nivea cream sample

And finally - last but not least - my body oils/massage oils (all organic):
  • Weleda Lavender Oil (10ml sample)
  • Alverde Relax Body Oil wild rose and seabuckthorn
  • Alverde sports and massage oil leopard's bane


  1. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust, mitzumachen - ich hab dich getaggt: http://fraeuleinkitsch.blogspot.de/2012/11/zweiundzwanzig-dinge.html

    1. Oh, das ist ja lieb. Ja, ich mache gerne mit. :-)

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