23 Apr 2013

Current Favourite Drinks

As I didn't use up many beauty items in the last months, I thought I share my current favourite drinks with you. A drink very much worth mentioning is my recent drinking chocolate discovery. One day when I was looking around in Tesco for interesting products, I stumbled upon the drinking chocolate by Clipper which is a brand for organic products. They mainly sell teas and I can tell you that one of their teas also belongs to one of my favorite teas. But let's discuss one drink after the other, right? :-)

This is my current favorite drinking chocolate by Clipper: 
It contains a lot of coarse-grained sugar and when mixed with milk, it needs quite some time to melt. In the picture above, you can see that the sugar still swims on top of the drink. Letting it alone for a couple of more minutes, however, will allow it to finish melting and then it tastes like heaven. At the moment, I end up having one glas of drinking chocolate each evening.

Another great drink which I adore is green tea with peppermint. I discovered it last year from Tetley in a Migros in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I am not often in Switzerland and haven't found it anywhere else. Hence, whenever I go to Switzerland, I always look around for this tea. This is a picture of my all time favorite green tea with peppermint by Tetley:
While it is quite difficult to find green tea with peppermint in Germany, I found a great green tea with peppermint by Clipper at Tesco. It is not as great as the one by Tetley, but it tastes still very good and can be used as a substitute when I run out of the one by Tetley (which I do often because I don't manage to go often to Switzerland). Here is a picture of it (it's the one on the left - on the right you can see the white tea by Clipper):
The white tea is nice but not really great. I prefer the green tea with peppermint and drink one cup of it each day. What I love about green tea with peppermint is the calming yet at the same time also energizing impact to both, the body and the mind. I love to drink it in the morning before or during work. It helps me to focus and to work in a calm and relaxed mood which helps me to achieve better results at work. I even feel stimulated and inspired by this kind of drink and work feels easier and more fun with it. If you suffer of a stressful working environment, I would recommend to experiment with green tea with peppermint. 

A huge surprise recently in the Tesco nearby my home was that they sell my favorite german beer "Erdinger Alkoholfrei" by Erdinger which is alcohol free. It even cannot be found everywhere in Germany. Hence, I was very much surprised to find it in my local Tesco. Here is a picture of it besides my drinking chocolate in order to provide you with some proof of its availability in the UK (Obviously, I could not have brought it with me in my luggage. ;-)):
In case you are living in the UK and would like to try the best alcohol free beer in the world, have a look at your local Tesco. They might have it as well.

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