7 Dec 2012

Taking notes with Dixi

In my quest to become more organized I am experimenting with different kinds of organization tools. An example of such kind of an organization tool is a notebook. Plain and old style and non digital. I keep notes digitally, too, but for quick and dirty note taking, I prefer a classic notebook based on paper. In this post I want to show you my most elegant tool for taking notes. It might not be the most practical one but there is no doubt that it is a very useful and very elegant one.

Have a look at my Dixi refillable notebook in black leather by the swedish company Ordning & Reda. I love it and currently, I use it all the time. This is how it looks:

Here is a closer look to the features of the Dixi refillable notebook:

This is how I use it at the moment: I just put my lists in the side pockets. Currently, I am experimenting with three lists: one is my todo list (with an extra mark indicating the most important tasks that I really want to work on during the day and want to dedicate my full attention - not all tasks that have to be done are also important let alone most important ;-)), one is my shopping list (I keep it all the time with me and update it when required - it's a habit, once ingrained it works reliably) and one is my plan for the day. Keeping them in my notebook prevents me from loosing them. This is an easy but really good way to keep my lists up to date and stay organized. (With the papers in the side pocket, it doesn't look that elegant anymore but it's functional. ;-))

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