1 Dec 2012

Beauty Empties November

It is time for an empties post again. Again, I successfully used up a lot of stuff. Altogether, 46 beauty items left me in November. And believe it or not: I was able to use up 860 ml of body butter and body lotion last month. Hence, I got rid of all my Bodyshop items (I kept the boxes of the body butters that are gone now, however, in order to use them as fancy storage boxes for other items - see them here being cleaned and here waiting to be filled). Finally my body lotion stash shrinks - at last! :-)

With decluttering, November might have been one of my best months ever. I was able to declutter 17 make up items, a couple of them were even quite expensive but I just don't like them or don't use them (and why should I keep them then even if I like them?) or they've gone bad, unfortunately, because they are really old. So, no guilt due to the waste, just gladness that these items are gone and my drawers are getting emptier and emptier! I'm nearly swimming in space and my stash continuously keeps to shrink and I enjoy the remaining products so much more! :-)

Here is a picture of all the beauty items that left me in November: 
A short summary and my thoughts about the emptied/decluttered products:
  • Shower gels
    • Lilliputz extrasensitive Shampoo & Dusche for children and dragons: This is a shower gel and shampoo in one. For children and dragons. ;-) I own it already a year and used it up last month. When I used it up, I observed a really bad scent. I don't know whether it came only recently due to the product going bad. I just don't remember anymore how it was one year ago when I purchased it. However, as the scent was really aweful, I won't repurchase it.
    • Melvita Energizing shower gel: This is a really nice shower gel with a tiny bit of skin soothing properties. It is very soft and gentle to the skin. Pretty impressive. The scent is not that great but it's not bad either (a bit artificial and sweet like some kind of chewing gum I once had - sorry, I cannot describe it better). The scent is definitely bearable and as the soothing properties are really great, it doesn't disturb at all. In the end I even started to like it. I think I'll repurchase it, but maybe I'll first try other scents.
    • Lady Gaga Fame scented shower gel: This is a black shower gel that was contained in my Douglas Box of Beauty of November. As it is a really ugly dirty black, it looks disgusting on the hand and on the body. Apparently, I am visual person and I don't like to put some black shower gel on my body and look like I've been rolling myself around in mud. The water in the shower is getting black as wekk and looks as if I was really, really dirty. I might have a lack of humour and I also might not be cool enough for this shower gel but I don't like it at all. So, even if the scent was great (which wasn't the case), I wouldn't repurchase it. So, no definitely no repurchase and I know now that I'll never ever buy a black shower gel - even if the scent was good. ;-) 

  • Body Lotions and Body Butters
    • Guerlain La petite robe Bodylotion, 30ml Sample: Last Month, I decluttered a perfume sample of this scent. Then I got it as scented bodylotion and as I don't like to throw away body lotions, I used it up. However, I still didn't like it and was glad when it was gone. No repurchase! 
    • Bodyshop Duo Body Butter Acai Beere : This body butter is a duo body butter with 50% creamy product for normal skin and 50% heavy and buttery product for dry skin. Inside, these two kinds of product are separated with a ying-yang shaped separator. The scent is fruity and fresh, when I sniffed at it in the shop, I liked it more than when I used it up. But it's not too bad. I won't repurchase it though because I somehow don't like Bodyshop body butters (shame on me). 
    • Bodyshop Duo Body Butter Vanilla: My favourite Duo Body Butter up to now. I really like the consisteny and the scent. It's strange how using a product over some time can change your perception of it. Some products are great when you see and smell them in the shop and start to be intrusive and to raise negative feelings during usage and others are not that great in the shop (and you wonder why you bought them when you are alone at home with them ;-)) and during usage you start to love them. This product belongs to the latter category of products. In the shop I was not impressed but I got a sample which impressed me and afterwards I bought it. At first I again wondered why I bought such an unappealing product but during usage it convinced me again and even after using up a full-sized product, I am still in love with it. I might repurchase it some day, although I probably rather won't as I don't like Bodyshop body butters on me (shame on me again).  
    • Bodyshop Body Butter Vineyard Peach : I was struggling with using up this product. The scent is very strong and artificial. It's fresh and fruity and if you like it you might enjoy it. I actually like the scent myself, too, and I also love the taste and scent of peaches in general as well. But here I found it a bit too artificial and too strong. I'm glad that it finally is finished and I definitely won't repurchase it. But it wasn't as bad as it reads. It's a nice body butter and you'll like if you like strong fruity scents. It's nurturing - as usual with Body Shop Body Butters - and has a nice consistency.
    • Bodyshop Body Butter Chocomania , 50ml Sample: A really nice, not too strong smelling body butter that applies smoothly and nurtures the skin perfectly. I love it. At first I was afraid to use a body butter that smells like chocolate because I thought it would trigger eating loads and loads of chocolate but that didn't happen. The smell is not intrusive and also not too strong and reminds only a bit of chocolate. It is not as creamy as the Moringa Body Butter (and the Mango Body Butter) but applies smoothly nevertheless. I might repurchase it some day as I am pretty impressed by this product. (However, keep in mind that I don't like Bodyshop body butters (shame on me) - but this one is really cool. ;-))
    • Bodyshop Body Butter Moringa, 50ml Sample: Really nice and light floral scent. For me, it even feels a bit refreshing and I don't find the scent intrusive like with several other Body Shop Body Butters. I also like the scent of Moringa (and I love to eat it ;-)). The skind care effect is also really nice. The butter is not too greasy and rather light but still very nurturing. Like it a lot and might repurchase it some day. (However, keep in mind that I don't like Bodyshop body butters (shame on me). Hence, I probably won't repurchase it although it is really nice.)
    • Bodyshop Body Butter Mango, 50ml Sample: Actually, this is a good body butter. Creamy, nurturing and it doesn't smell too strong. It's scent is a light mango scent that is not intrusive, but still stays the wohle day. It is a bit more nurturing than the Moringa body butter by Bodyshop. I like it and I might repurchase it some day. (However, keep in mind that I don't like Bodyshop body butters (shame on me). Hence, I probably won't repurchase it although it is really nice.)
    • Bodyshop Body Butter Olive, 50ml Sample: A very good and nurturing body butter - as usual with Bodyshop Body Butters. The scent is fresh and light. It doesn't remind me of Olives. I rather associate it with
    • Dr. Hauschka Citrus Body Milk, 2 samples of 10ml (together 20ml): Light, liquid milk that nurtures the skin (but not too much) and is very refreshing. Perfect for summer. I think this one is a sure repurchase and I also want to dive more into Dr. Hauschka products in the future!
    • John Masters Organics Blood Orange & vanilla body milk, 10ml sample: Light body milk with a very strong scent. The scent is nice but a bit too strong for my taste. Hence, no repurchase.
  • Hair products
    • Gliss Kur Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Shampoo: This is a shampoo that came with my Pink Box September. Another terrible product of this box which led to me ending my subscription. I didn't like this shampoo at all. It was drying my hair and I was not able to comb it afterwards. With this shampoo, I definitely need a conditioner. It's not enough to use the conditioner only the day after like I am currently used to because I have to wash my hair each morning and therefore like to switch between shampoo and conditioner each morning. It is written on the package that it brings more shine but this is not true either. I won't repurchase it. 
    • Gliss Kur Marrakesh Oil & Coconut 1-Minute Intensivkur: This is a hair mask that has to be left in the hair for 1 minute only - hence, it actually is a conditioner. ;-) It is very greasy and I don't like the scent. Interestingly, others smell coconut and seem to like it as I have been asked already what the scent is from. However, I don't like it. I also find it very greasy but it leaves my hair soft and still with volume which is great. I won't repurchase it but I suspect that it is the cause why I had a blocked drain recently. 
    • Alterra Feuchtigkeitsshampoo Granatapfel & Aloe Vera: Very good shampoo for dry hair. I don't need a conditioner afterwards. Great product and a sure repurchase.
    • Alverde Pflegespülung Aloe Vera Hibiskus: This is a conditioner which I use from time to time. It's a solid product, not my favourite but a good one which I repurchase from time to time.
    • Balea Trend it up Aufplusterndes Volumen Puder: This is a hair volume powder by Balea. It is a white powder that you are supposed to rub in your hands and then put on your hair in the area of the roots. Unfortunately, I find that it makes my hair sticky and the volume can be too much very easily. I find it hard to control. In principle a good product but I don't like it. This is also why I haven't used it up but just declutter it now. It's time to say goodbye as it annoyed me too often ... ;-) No repurchase here!
  • Face care products and eye care products and lip care products
    • Weleda Everon lip care: This lip care is not a bad lip care. But it is a rather uncreamy and waxy lip care which is not easy to blend and I prefer rather creamy lip care products. There are some products by Lavera or by Nonique which I love and which also are organic products. So, no repurchase here. Actually, I wasn't even able to empty it as it went bad recently. The date of expiry was march 2012 and I don't like it anyway that much. So, I decided to toss it. And as already said: no repurchase here.
    • Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Coca Cola: Not a bad product. It tastes great like coke and colours the lips a tiny bit brownish. As a gloss it has quite nurturing properties which is great. But I have too many much better lip balms and I don't use glosses anyway. Hence, I decided to toss it. No repurchase here! 
  • Face cleaning products:
    • The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face: This is a cleanser that is suitable for blemished skin. Unfortunately, or luckily - depending on the perspective ;-) - I don't have blemished skin. I tried using it though but it was too agressive for my skin. I was thinking about keeping it for the summer but as I don't have blemished skin in summer either, I decided to just give it away.  
    • Balea Eye Makeup remover pads: These are eyemakeup remover pads with oil for removing also waterproof makeup. I don't have any waterproof makeup at the moment and haven't tried it with waterproof makeup. But with normal makeup they are not the best either. Actually, they are not bad. They do their job but I am looking for something that takes of my eye makeup effortlessly. I.e. without rubbing. And these eye makeup remover pads weren't that good that I didn't need any rubbing. Still, not a bad product and maybe I'll repurchase them. I've seen at the Balea homepage that they revised this product and rereleased it. So maybe the new one is better than this one (the already rerelased this product and made it worse - there was a time when these eyemakeup remover pads were great, but maybe my memory isn't that good anymore ;-)). So, no repurchase at the moment. But I might repurchase them at some time in the future.
    • Ebelin cosmetics cotton pads (70 pieces): Nothing to be said here. A solid product. Might repurchase it.
  • Hand and Foot Care products and Perfumes:
    • Alterra Handcreme Papaya & Grüner Tee: Die war im Alterra-Weihnachtsset 2011 drin und ich habe sie jetzt endlich aufgebraucht. Der Duft nervt ein wenig. Er ist sehr sommerlich fruchtig, aber irgendwie nicht ganz supertoll (die Citrus Handcreme von Weleda geht auch in die Richtung, aber da ist der Duft besser) und ich mag ihn auch nicht abends, wenn ich ins Bett gehe. Die Pflege ist aber klasse und deswegen war es ok, sie aufzubrauchen.
    • Gucci Guilty Perfume: This was a tiny sample. Didn't like it. No repurchase.
  • Tooth Care products
    • Dontodent Intensive Clean Zahnpasta: Wieder eine leer. Meine Lieblingszahnpasta, wird regelmässig nachgekauft.
    • Listerine Mouthwash: Solid product. Might repurchase it.
  • Makeup
    • Eye shadows
      • Kosmetik Kosmo Eye Shadow in Höllenfeuer: this is a dark, dusty grey-brownish red eye shadow by Kosmetik Kosmo. I don't like the colour and it also has a lot of fall out, unfortunately. When I put it in the crease, in the end I also have a lot of eye shadow on my cheeks as well. Hence, as I neither like the colour nor the quality, I just want to get rid of it. No repurchase. 
      • Catrice Bonnie & Cloud: This is a blue eye shadow I never use. I don't like to use blue eye shadows and hence decided to toss it.
      • Alverde Mono Eye Shadow in Magic Sand: Actually, this eye shadow is not bad. I was struggling with it in November because it is not bad but I have a ton of better eye shadows in similar shades. This one is barely visible without a good eye shadow base. With a good eye shadow base it can look great. But I have eye shadows in similar shades that don't necessarily need a good eye shadow base. And in winter I don't use that often eye shadow bases due to my dry skin. So, this particular eye shadow is a bit unhandy and I therefore don't want to keep it. I don't wear that particular shade that often either.
      • MAC Sunny Spot Eye Shadow: Terrible colour that doesn't suit me! Gave it away!
      • Mac Bare Study: It dried and for my taste it also is a bit too glittery. I don't like it. Won't repurchase it.
    • Blushes:
      • MAC Posey Blushcreme: Very old and very difficult to blend. Now, the creme blushes are available, so this one is really old. I want to have a look a the new Posey. This one here has to leave. I don't use it anymore because it is so difficult to blend. However, I think that it was always difficult to blend. But it seems to also have dried a bit.
      • Alverde Puderrouge in New Red: This was part of a limited edition by Alverde. It is too red for me and I look as I someone had slapped me in the face when I wear it. Hence, it has to leave!
      • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink: Lisa Eldridge made me buy this because she said that it is the perfect nude cheek colour. But this is not true. For me, it is too orangey. It actually als is quite subtle and wearable and I really had a hard time deciding to declutter it. But in the end also the consistency was a factor that made me make this decision. I also bought a MAC blushcream in Brit Wit and this one is creamy like a dream and I don't have to rub it onto my face. This pot rouge by Bobbi Brown. however, is really hard to blend. Hence, I gave it away and feel lighter and better without it. I wouldn't have worn it anyway - why should I have? I own Brit Wit and this is a much, much better product anyway.
      • Essence Blossoms etc liquid blush in 01 Flowerkissed: Pretty old blush (more than 24 months). It is too light and invisible. Maybe it went bad. I think there was a time when it was more visible or my taste was different then. Who knows. Now I don't like it anymore and I haven't used it often anyway. Hence, I toss it.
      • MAC Lip & Cheek Colour in Have a lovely day: Actually, it is a really nice colour. But I don't like it on the lips and I also think that it is a bit too shiny on the cheeks. As it is a lip and cheek colour, it is a bit greasy and not that easy to blend. I also own a Cremeblend Blush in Brit Wit by MAC which is very similar in colour, but a bit more brownish and less plumy. Colourwise I prefer Have a lovely day but the consistency and the applicability is much better with Brit Wit. And I also own Tarte Exposed which is similar, too - but incredibly lovely (obviously I like it the most of these three). And of these three, Have a lovely day is my least favourite and this is why I gave it away. I don't need 3 similar blushes.
    • Mascara
      • MAC Bad, Bad, Black Opulash from the Wonder Woman LE: I got this mascara from MAC as a present when they made a mistake with an order. So, this one came absolutely for free. It's a good mascara. I especially like the brush. But it dried out a bit and this is why I want to get rid of it. I might repurchase it but most probably won't.
      • Astor Big & Beautiful False Lashes: At the beginning it was great but at some point the product dried and it started to clump on the lashes. I wasn't able to empty it and didn't like to wear clumped lashes. Hence, I decluttered. No repurchase.
      • Essence multiaction waterproof mascara: This is a brand new mascara which I purchased in November because I wanted to experiment with water proof mascaras as I only own non waterproof ones.
    • Foundation
      • Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation in Warm Ivory: Unfortunately, this colour did not suit my skin tone. This is why I never used it. In summer my skin looks great without any foundation and in winter it is too dark for my skin tone. Now it went bad and it's time to say goodbye. No repurchase.
    • Lip sticks and lip glosses:
      • P2 Pure Color Lipstick in Via Medici: P2 Pure Color lipsticks are actually very nice lip sticks. They are moisturizing and nice colours are available too. I decided to toss this lipstick because it is 2 years old and I have never worn it. Somehow, I don't like that colour that much on me and it also does not stay very long on the lips. This is why I decided to declutter it. Of course, no repurchase. 
      • P2 Pure Color Lipstick in Walk of Fame: This is a nice, popping color. I like it, but as mentioned before with the other P2 Pure Color Lipstick I decluttered last month, although these lipsticks are nice and moisturizing, they don't stay as long on the lips as some high end brands I own. This is why I don't wear them and why should I keep them when I don't wear them? No repurchase here either.
      • The Balm Shelter clear lipgloss (All American Girl): Wonderful smelling and wonderful tasting lipgloss. It smells and tastes like watermelon. Love it. I just don't use lip gloss and this one is already 2 years old and I might have used it only 5 times or something like that. It is my single clear lip gloss but I don't need a clear lip gloss. So, in my current decluttering ambitions, I decided to get rid of it. What's the sense of keeping something that you don't use (even if it tastes and smells great and is the single item of this category you own)?
A closer look at the two tossed P2 Pure Color lipsticks
    • Eyeliners:
      • Lavera liquid eyeliner brown: This is actually a really great brown eyeliner. It's liquid and no shimmer whatsoever has been included. When it dries it is completely matte. The tip of the brush is very thin and you can draw very fine lines. I'd recommend purchasing it if you like to use liquid eyeliners. I decided to get rid of it because I just don't like to use liquid eyeliners. I had to force myself all the time to use it and it just was no fun. I was able to do a great eye makeup look with it and it looked nice on the eye and everything but I just don't like to use liquid eyeliners. I prefer to use other eyeliners e.g. a gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown or I also like to use just a khol liner by MAC or Urban Decay for defining my upper lash line. It's because I like the smudged look a lot and with the mentioned tools, I can smudge my eyeliner and this is the look I like most on me. Hence, it was a tough decision because this product is great. But as I literally have to force myself to use it, I decided to let it go.
      • Zoeva liquid eyeliner in Bourbon Street: This is also a great brown eyeliner. It has a bit of shimmer, but this is not really visible on the eye. Again I just toss it because I don't like using liquid eyeliners and not because it is not a good product. If I were to choose between the Lavera liquid eyeliner and this one, I'd choose Lavera, however. Lavera has a thinner brush and better coverage with the first application. At it is organic, too. ;-) So, I'd recommend the Lavera liquid eyeliner if you like to use liquid eyeliners.  
The tossed liquid eyeliners (Zoeva and Lavera)

All makeup items that left me in November shown together in one picture:

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