6 Jan 2013

2013: a reading outlook

As mentioned in my review of the last year, I managed to read 19 books in 2013. I want to keep up with that reading pace and hope to be able to read at least 12 books in 2013. With this post I want to share my plans for the reading year 2013 and also the thrill of anticipation I am feeling when looking at the books that are waiting for me to be read. 

I was inspired for this post by the wonderful book and audiobook I recently received by the lovely Sue from Happy Ich. She organized a really great give away last month (actualy she even organized a couple of great give aways) and I was a very happy winner. I usually never win anything. Hence, I was taken by surprise to win such a great gift! Have a look at the great book and audiobook I won:

Sue said about the book that it touched her very deeply and I am looking forward to maybe make the same experience. I already am quite much focused on my body and started to have kind of a love affair with it myself e.g. by doing sports, meditating and taking care to sleep enough. But I think there still is a lot of room for inspiration and motivation for a new approach on body blessing. I already started to listen to the audiobook which consists of some really nice guided meditations and I do enjoy very much to listen to it. The book is on top of my To Read list of 2013. 

Here is a glimpse on a couple of other books that I look very much forward to in 2013:
  • The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden: I am especially curious about that book. :-)
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (I will be reading the german version): there is not much to be said about that book. It is a bestseller for quite some time now and I am pretty late with reading it in 2013.
  • Lifehacker. The guide to working smarter, faster and better by Adam Pash & Gina Trapani: I am very curious about that book. I expect it to provide me with a lot of great productivity tips and tools. In this way I hope to become even more organized and get my work done even faster than ever (and yield much more spare time that I can spend with sports and inspiring free time activities). 
  • To buy or not to buy. Why we overshop and how to stop. by April Benson: A good friend recommended me this book. She liked it very much and made me very curious about it. 
  • NLP workbook by Joseph O`Connor: I am a huge NLP fan since a bit more than one year now and I already started to read this book in 2012 and loved it but a couple of events and then a couple of other books intervened my reading progress. Hence, I want to restart reading it and finish it in 2013. It's a great book - probably one of the best books on NLP that are available on the market. I don't know why I have allowed myself to not finish it. I remember that I was quite impressed by it while reading and I also already incorporated a couple of exercises from the first pages of the book into my life. The book is a really great book.
  • Mindset by Carol Dweck (I will read the german version because a lovely friend of mine gave it to me in German): I have heard and read a lot raves about that book and am looking forward to reading it very much. 
  • Nice girls don't get the corner office by Lois P. Frankl: This is a book that apparently has been read by any successful woman in the blogosphere. So, I will read it too and hope to get many new insights on how to become a successful woman myself. :-) 
I hope that I'll be able to read them all and also a couple of more books in 2013 and I am looking very much forward to my readings in 2013.

What are you planing to read in 2013?


  1. Hi Tia,

    great to read about your win in my little give-away! Thanks for blogging about it. I already linked your blog on my Facebook page :-)

    I have personally read "The Happiness Project" and it's really something you can look forward to. It's quite inspiring!

    Thank you for the overview of the books you intend on reading in 2013. The Life Organizer sounds really interesting....I might just have to get that myself :-)

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Very interesting books you choose for 2013! As Sue, I also read the Happiness Project and liked it. This author only recently published a new one: Happy at home. I will have a look at some of your other suggestions as well - they sound quite interesting! Enjoy reading in 2013!