10 Feb 2017

Some thoughts about a resurrection of this blog

I have thought about restarting this blog for a long time and just browsed through the content I posted in this blog. While I still agree with the title of the blog(isn't it the purpose of a good life to be both structured and colourful?), I have changed my focus during the last years and would not continue posting the same kind of content. While the final few posts are much more aligned to my current values, even with those I feel like I may probably not post them again. Not in the way I posted them at least.

So, what would I write about? What am I interested in and what is my life about these days?

Well, most of all I probably am eager about learning and self improvement. I read a lot non fiction books and recommend everyone to do so as well. I am interested in habits (habit creation, changing habits, overcoming bad habits, etc), productivity such as productivity systems or techniques and I am also interested anything related to mindset (build up a helpful and positive mindset, etc).

I may write about these things soon. Anyone still reading the blog and interested in such topics? :)

4 Jan 2016

Trying to "fix" others is never a good idea

This a hillarious video showing how important it is to just listen and to just be compassionate and to not try to fix problems of other they don't see as problems themselves. Enjoy! :)

29 Jun 2014

Let's make "like a girl" mean amazing things!

Long time, no see. I was very busy lately and I still am and won't be able to catch up with my blog. Many apologies, my dear readers. I just wanted to quickly pop in the advertisement video below. I want to share it with you because it moved me very much when I saw it the first time and it still does. This is a really empowering advertisement video of "Always". They nailed it and it is wonderful that the advertisement business that usually draws on a very negative image of womankind does something to build up the self esteem of girls & women. Well done, Always. I love that video. 

9 Feb 2014

Jillian Michaels Food Challenge (Leave something on your plate)

Recently I was inspired on tumblr to do this Food challenge by Jillian Michaels. In my childhood I was trained by my family to eat up everything that was on my plate independent on how full I already was. I think this is a weakness because I don't feel good when I overeat. So, this week I want to train to leave something on my plate each day. Will you join as well? 

found @tumblr

31 Dec 2013

Self-guided education manifesto

Recently I stumbled upon the self-guided education manifesto by Scott Dinsmore. It is available on his web page. Basically, it consists of the elements shown in the picture below:

found @liveyourlegend

My favourite piece of advice of above:
  1. it never ends: no it doesn't There is no aim or destination that once is reached allows you to stop and relax and enjoy your earned fruits. It is a lifestyle and as such it never ends.
  2. learn who you are: know your patterns, know your weaknesses, know what you motivates you, know what you love and what you hate (both specifically mentioned in the manifesto above as well :-))
  3. everything is a lesson: even if something does not work out as intended and expected, it was not a waste of time. On the contrary. Try to perceive it as a lesson and be sure that next time you will do better because of this experience. If you focus too much on the bad features of an experience, it will drag you down and you will miss the opportunity to grow and improve. 
  4. build things: theory is important but it is more important to put this theory in practice and build things. Things that exist and are useful are the best advertisement and the business card in the world. The is nothing more gratifying than theory that has been shown to work.
Self-guided education is neither a diet nor a torture. It also never ends as it is a lifestyle and should be embraced.

And don't forget that although it surely is important to also find people who think that you are crazy, it also is very important to have like-minded people around you that support and inspire you in both who you are at the moment and who you want to be in the future. The people you are surrounding yourself with can make you or break your future. So try to find the proper environment that supports you and does not hinder you.

Our life is a gift. Let's make it count!